Sep. 30th, 2008

27th Drink

Sep. 30th, 2008 08:47 pm
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So, long noses for liars, huh? A telltale sign for attempting to deceive would be a lot more interesting. It's far too easy to deceive while still telling the truth.

Does anyone need anything built or invented? I'm talking something really, really complex or interesting. It doesn't have to be practical, just something you think would be interesting to have.

Also, I've heard that October is a very bad month. What can we look forward to?

[Filtered From Rain/Unhackable]

Rain's house is finished. Everyone that's worked on it or is friend's of Rain, we want to throw her a house warming party on Thursday. I know how much it would mean for her if all of you could be there. Directions to the house are posted below and if you could all meet there around 11 o'clock, that would be great.


Private to Rain/Unhackable )

[ooc: Molly, I'm sorry for my fail and not posting about the party earlier, does Thursday work for you? Also, friends of Rain, please come! Her "house" is on the edge of the forest. There will be a log post up on Thursday for anyone that wants to come to the shindig. Ummm, Mais, I hope Thursday works for you? *fails at planning*]


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