Apr. 23rd, 2009

61st Drink

Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:41 pm
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I wonder where the precipitation from this world comes from. Since we can't see what exists beyond a certain distance from the island we have no idea what the ecosystem is like, or if there even is one. Is there actual an ecological system set up in an entire planet that we're just an island on, or is everything controlled by artificial means and the entirety of this "planet" is this island and the short distance all around that we can travel?

[Private to People Attacking the Major/Unhackable]

We're assaulting the Deus Ex Machine II tonight shortly after midnight. You're all familiar with your roles and jobs. A lot of you have probably heard how we're giving the Major just what he wants, and that may be true. What's more important though is that we're freeing captive innocents and ending the kidnappings of our fellow citizens.


[ooc: I will be putting up a tampered log for anyone who would like to log out the attack. Entirely unnecessary for you to do so, but if you want to it will be there or you all can start your own. For details on the attack please look here.]
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Residents of the City, this is Tony Stark, Iron Man. In a few hours we are about to commence an attack on the Deus Ex Machina II, home of the Major. This man has bullied the residents of this City for as long as he's been here in the hopes to provoke us, provoke anyone, to battle. To war. Tonight he is going to get his wish.

While this may seem like giving him exactly what he wants, someone once told me that with great power, comes great responsibility. That’s usually thought of as a lesson for children, a simple injunction to do the right thing. But it's something everyone who fights with me tonight has taken to heart. Inside that zeppelin innocent people are captive and we feel that we have a responsibility to do something about it not only because we have the power to, but because what the Major is doing is wrong.

The Major has demonstrated that he has no hesitations about attacking the City if he is attacked and I give you my word that we will ensure that none of you come to harm. The only ones who are put in harms way tonight will be those who do so willingly.

I promise you that when this is over that every prisoner aboard that ship will be rescued and that the Major's war machine will be crushed without harm coming to the general populace. What we do tonight we do for your greater safety and we hope that after tonight you will feel assured knowing that there will be one less threat against your safety in the City.

[ooc: Apologies for the double post today but it needed to happen. Info on the assault is here and the log for the assault if you so desire to log is here.


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